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“Law protects everyone who has a good lawyer”
Who we are
Legal Justice is a team of lawyers in Lviv and Ukraine that provides legal assistance to individuals and legal entities. We will help you quickly and efficiently solve legal problems in Lviv and Ukraine and protect your rights and interests.
We provide specialist legal services, both domestic and cross-border, in the fields of corporate law, banking and finance law and dispute resolution. We advise small and medium-sized international corporate clients, funds, as well as individuals on every specific legal issue at full length.
Our services range from the founding or acquisition of a company, through financing right up to divestment, restructuring or transformation with a focus on VAT compliance matters such as risk assessments and reduction, fraud protection and defence positions, binding rulings, voluntary self-disclosures, assistance in tax audits, as well as appeal and settlement procedures.
The eminent and presiding goal is to represent the best interests and to provide lasting benefits to our clients. Thus, with maximum personal commitment, reliability and expertise we give optimal consideration to our clients’ individual needs and flexibly meet their changing requirements.
Everywhere we work, we offer clients service that uniquely blends expertise in the law, knowledge of the local market and understanding of their business. Our aim is to assist them to achieve their objectives as smoothly and efficiently as possible while minimising the legal and regulatory risks.
Strategic future-oriented deliberations, prevention instead of escalation and absolute confidentiality have top priority for our company in the law/consulting practice. Every case is seen through the eyes of clients and their commercial or private concerns are optimally realized.
Activities of our team reach well beyond Ukrainian borders: we advise and support our Ukrainian clients in their engagements abroad, especially in Germany and Poland and we advise and support our foreogn clients in their engagements in Ukraine. We are fluent in English and German and our clients don’t spend any extra money for interpreters.
Our special expertise:
  • Corporate law (in Lviv and Ukraine)
  • Criminal defense law (in Lviv and Ukraine)
  • Taxation law (in Lviv and Ukraine)
  • Divorce law (in Lviv and Ukraine)
  • Employment law (in Lviv and Ukraine)
  • Estate planning law (in Lviv and Ukraine)
  • Intellectual property law (in Lviv and Ukraine)
  • Personal Injury law (in Lviv and Ukraine)
  • Family law (in Lviv and Ukraine)
  • Protection of Investors (in Lviv and Ukraine)
  • Business Development / Restructuring (in Lviv and Ukraine)
  • National and international contract law (in Lviv and Ukraine)
  • Commercial and business/company law (in Lviv and Ukraine)
  • Accompanying project monitoring (in Lviv and Ukraine)
  • Litigation/mediation/arbitration (in Lviv and Ukraine)
Most common services provided to foreign customers:
  • dealing with registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs
  • reviewing new business relationships with vendors and subcontractors
  • representing clients in administrative, civil and commercial proceedings
  • representing corporations in front of administrative boards and court trials
  • registration of subsidiaries and structuring joint enterprises with other organizations
  • business correspondence
  • legal advice
  • drawing up contracts and agreements
  • drafting legal documents etc
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Ukraine, Lviv, Sventsitskoho Street building 5, office 208
+38 097 934 57 51

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